Video: Canary Smart Home Security Device

Home security has turned out to be an absolutely huge business as home security automation is already being used by numerous homeowners. Homeowners can spend as much money as they have on making their home secure. They can purchase alarm systems, locking technologies and surveillance cameras to protect their vicinity against thefts and burglars.

On the other hand, most people can’t afford those technologies but they still need to keep their home secure. What they need is a perfect product for wireless home security; a security device for home that is easy to operate and will improve home security for less than the amount of money you spend for those modern devices.

An article posted at Automated Home features a new type of home security technology – Canary. Canary is a smart home security unit that is Wi-Fi equipped; just about 6 inches high but has an HD camera (with night vision), a microphone, a speaker, siren and accelerometer plus temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.

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